Bad bingo strategies

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You’re probably wondering why we have chosen this particular headline. The truth is that there are thousands of websites that try to convince players that their particular bingo strategies will make the players millionaires overnight. But this is not true. Most sites that claim they have a foolproof winning strategy when it comes to games of chance such as bingo, simply lie and even are dangerously close to the fraud. In this article, we will look at two of the strategies that many sites claim are good, but in fact they are simply a waste of time to explore.

We have to note here that in our examples we don’t count the charges nor bonuses taken or given by the casino when playing bingo.

Playing on several game boards

Many websites claim that it can pay you off to play in several game boards. The idea is that when playing simultaneously you are going to increase your chances of winning. If this is correct, you would increase your chances to win in a single game, but you are not going to increase the long-term profits. Let’s take one example.

You sit at home in your favorite chair and play online bingo. The prize in the bingo game you’ve chosen is 100 Euro and every stake is 5 Euro. If you play on a single board you would risk 5 Euro which is 5% of the prize pool. Thus, every time you win you would have a profit of 95 Euros.

But let us now take the example one step further. You play the same bingo game as mentioned above but you decide to play with 4 boards, ie for 20 Euros. Because you’ve bought 3 additional trays we need to increase the premium to 115 Euro. Now if you do win you will also have 95 Euro as profit, even if you play with four boards. The profit is the same as in the first example. Your winning chances are probably bigger, but the profit is the same, so it doesn’t actually impact on your profit if you play in one or more boards.

We recommend that you should play on fewer boards, so you can play longer and get more fun for your money. You know the whole thing is actually about having fun from playing Bingo!

Playing in a bingo room with fewer players

One of the tips we have come across is that you should play bingo with fewer players to increase your chances of winning. Sure, you increase the chances of winning in the game, but you do not increase your money refund percentage. If you play in a room with fewer players the prize would be correspondingly lesser then when playing against many players. Let’s take a few examples that show it all in a simple way:

  • Playing bingo against 5 people and everybody plays one game board and paid 10 Euro each to the prize pool. This means that you will lose 4 times and win 1 time on average for every 5th round you play, which is equivalent to that you get 50 Euro on each 5 games.
  • Now let’s say you’re playing against 100 people who each added 10 Euro to the pot. For every 100 games you play you would lose 99 times and win once, but you would win 1000 Euro.

As you can see it actually plays no role in your long term profits when you play against a few or many players. However, the point here is that if you play against many players you have bigger chances to win much bigger prizes, so to say that it most probably would pay you off to play against less players is in our eyes outright nonsense.

So what should you do?

When it comes to bingo it is very easy to answer. Have Fun!!! That’s what it’s all about. Don’t waste a lot of time to think that you should be able to find some magic formula for how to win in bingo. Instead, use the time to play and have fun. Chat with other players, try to win a jackpot …. Anything which could help you have more fun!

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